Here is my brewing system. The ‘Frankenbrew’ setup made my dream to start a brewery a reality as the cost for this equipment is much lower than that of a conventual brewery. Finding the different pieces were hard to locate, but rewarding when I was able to purchase them. This setup may not win any beauty contest, but the beer that is produced is just as good as any prebuilt brewery. Stop by the taproom to check for yourself. Here are some photos of my equipment.

Here is mash tun, catch tank, and brew kettle. The brew kettle is the only tank designed to be in a brewery.
These are the my fermenters to the left. These tanks were used in the dairy industry as cylindrical milk tanks. Obviously halves on the right.
You maybe wondering what these tanks are used for? I use them to condition my beers. Basically this means that they are used to force carbonate my beers, and those beer tend mature for a several weeks before they kegged.
This is my DIY built bottler. One of many creations that needed to be built to make my products sellable to you in a 12 OZ bottle.