Black Tail Stout
This is a non-traditional sweet stout, which has a chocolatey note and a good smooth roasted coffee finish. This ale will have you believing there was chocolate and coffee added, but your tastes buds will be deceived. Adding coffee or chocolate of any kind would make us feel as if we were cheating your taste buds.

BOPA (Basil Onion Pale Ale)
Starts out on the sweet side, but slowly migrates over to the flavor of onions. Not a very strong onion flavor, but it is there, and then ends with a hoppy and basil bitterness. This beer goes wonderfully with anything grilled. Why make this beer, you ask? Crafting beer without rules, and we are up to change of using untraditional ingredients.

Greg’s Adult Seltzer
This brew-based hard seltzer is for those individuals looking for lightly flavored non-malted beverage that is gluten free. This seltzer is made using cane sugar so it may not be a crystal clear, once again we are crafting without rules.

Henry’s Wheat Ale
This flavorful wheat ale is malt forward, with a hint of hops for balance. Henry’s Wheat Ale will grab your attention with every taste, and have you anticipating the next as the flavors do not linger. This untypical wheat ale can start one’s love affair with craft beer or make those who are more experienced enjoy an easy drinking ale with flavor. With this flavor comes a darker than normal wheat ale, but don’t be scared it will not disappoint.

Hindquarter Porter
This Porter starts a little sweet, but finishes with a roasty malt, slightly chocolate, and hoppy bite. This is no Black IPA, so please don’t be put off by the description. Hindquarter Porter will make you want to venture into the mysterious world of dark ales. Henry and I are not sure why anyone would second guess drinking a darker ale, but this one will have you coming back for more and even possibly change your mind about experimenting with dark beers altogether.

HOundLY GRale (Garlic Rosemary Ale)
Howling Henry’s newest flavor, and the first Stray beer to make it on the list of beers. At first the malt sweetness hits your tongue, and then the caramelized garlic slowly takes control. Just as the garlic as the fades back to the malts the rosemary comes in to finish out this beer.

Howl’n Oats India Pale Ale
This IPA uses a large amount of malts, oats, and hops. The first sip will have you confused (hop heads) and delighted (everyone else). This IPA is a great way to get your friends and/or yourself introduced into the crazy world of IPAs. Howl’n Oats IPA starts out with a strong malty sweetness, then the maltiness blends into citrus plateau that prepares your palate for the bitter end. A strong malt backbone and oats are not the norm for IPAs, but that will not stop Howling Henry’s. This IPA is not going to rip your taste buds out of your mouth, but it does finish with a hop bitterness which is why we consider it an IPA. Be responsible when drinking this one.

Hummelstown Bock Party (Seasonal Maibock)
Being unfiltered this lager is a bit hazy, but the flavor won’t let you down. Starts out with malty goodness, is smooth throughout, and ends with a slight noble hop bitterness.

Lolager (Session Pilsner)
This session pilsner is light in body, flavorful, very refreshing, and clean finishing. If you need an easy drinking beer H2B has it with this offering. Easy, and fun session beer that will not weigh you down.

Power Play IPA (India Pale Ale)
This is beer was formulated for our new taproom in Klick Lewis Arena. The best way to describe this beer is to say it fusion of an East and West Coast IPA. Slightly malty throughout, with an wonderful bitterness that doesn’t linger.

The Swagger, Brown Ale
This is not your father’s brown ale. Starts slight malty, but not too sweet and finishes with nice hoppy ending.

This is my one off beer series to show case my motto, ‘Crafting Beer Without Rules’.

Walter’s SurdaRYEdoe Rye Ale
This rye beer has a malty start, and the rye comes through as the hops do. The name comes from Walter being born short a right toe.